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When it comes to public speaking, a little bit of fear is completely normal. But if fear paralyzes you into procrastinating rather than preparing, or constantly worrying about what might go wrong, or avoiding rehearsing, then fear has crossed the line into an unhelpful, even harmful, zone. Onstage, fear can make your delivery (and you!) suffer, causing your mouth to go dry, your knees to shake, or your voice to sound weak, thin, and unsure – just a few of the symptoms nervous speakers bring to stage. 


Yoga for Public Speaking (Y4PS) offers an ancient solution to this modern problem. Using yoga-inspired techniques to manage your nervous system, you can improve your public speaking presence and overcome the most common public speaking challenges, including performance anxiety. And while the ideas are rooted in ancient traditions, they are applied in simple, practical ways that you can use immediately.

Completing this course will help you:

By the end, you will not only have the tools you need to present effectively, but you’ll be ready to enjoy public speaking more.

Who is the course for?

  • You’re an experienced speaker, but you’d like to be more comfortable and authentic onstage
  • You’re a newer speaker and feel anxious about taking stage or presenting in small groups
  • You’ve never practiced yoga before, but you’re open to learning about breath, meditation, and movement practices that can help your onstage presence
  • You already have a strong yoga practice and want to apply the ideas of yoga to public speaking 
  • You’re a curious individual who just wants to know how the heck yoga can help public speakers!
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Learning Path

Speaking coach and yoga teacher Margie Newman describes how breath, movement, and mindfulness techniques can build a speaker’s confidence. You’ll also set personal goals and intentions for Y4PS.

Estimated watch time: 15 minutes

Explore nervous system basics, the mind-body connection, and how fear can hijack confidence. Learn how you can overcome anxiety and self-regulate your nervous system to restore balance and calm.

Estimated watch time: 15 minutes

Margie demonstrates five breath practices that can help you harness the power of breath, gain control of your nervous system, and bring calm and confidence to the stage.

Estimated watch time: 30 minutes

Learn five movement techniques that can ground, center, and distribute excess energy. Discover new ways to trust your body, and learn how to take up space onstage physically and energetically.

Estimated watch time: 30 minutes

Discover three simple meditation practices that can have a profound impact on your presence on and off the stage. Learn how to become more present, more calm, and more empowered – even under pressure.

Estimated watch time: 30 minutes

Margie describes how to apply Y4PS breath, movement and meditation practices on the day of your presentation, during rehearsal, and in your ongoing practice and daily life.

Estimated watch time: 30 minutes

Toggle ContentLearn how to rehearse your presentation like the pros do, as you experiment with your new Y4PS breath, movement, and meditation skills.

Estimated watch time: 20 minutes

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