I’m an expert at helping nervous speakers
(spoiler alert: most speakers!) gain confidence, overcome
anxiety, and actually enjoy public speaking.

What Do We Need The Audience to KNOW to FEEL to DO ?

You step out into the lights or in front of key decision makers, and it’s a career-making moment. The story you tell, and the way you tell it, will shape your future. The stakes are high, but preparing for your make-or-break moment doesn’t have to be painful. Margie Newman brings an accessible, authentic, engaging approach to presentation skills and preparation to take away fear, fill you with confidence, and help you deliver to your full potential.


Margie has created unique, custom-built tools to give you the edge.

All killer. No filler. From a single keynote presentation, to comprehensive message strategy and content management for multiple meeting presentations, Margie’s expertise in creative direction, scriptwriting, and message visualization prepares you for success.

You have a big presentation coming up or a new book coming out. Or maybe you just want to get ready for the next level. Margie offers customized one-on-one and small-group coaching services, tailored to professional development goals and specific business context.

Find your full voice, develop your boldest presence, break through barriers, and take confident command of the stage. Margie’s proven methods help you gain confidence, overcome anxiety, and actually enjoy public speaking. You will see and hear yourself getting bolder by the minute.

Professional speaking coach and yoga teacher Margie Newman guides you through breath, movement, and meditation techniques to improve your onstage presence, face your fears, and deliver your best. Includes strategies to deal with “in the moment” nerves as you take stage as well as ways to become a more calm and confident speaker over time. Go to y4ps.com to register for the course or here to read the book now.