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We offer specialized, small-group workshops – targeted to specific business contexts and customized to your goals


The Art of the Pitch

Specialized presentation skills for sales, creative, and VC pitches
You only get one chance to share your best ideas. Let us help you hit it out of the park and get to “yes.”

Sample Content

  • Format, structure, and story arc (essential elements of every pitch)
  • Differentiating your ideas and team
  • What to include, what to cut out — and how to know the difference
  • Preparing for the pitch – your countdown to success
  • Effective visuals
  • Strategies for dealing with nervousness
  • Optimal energy and physical presence
  • Using your voice
  • Multiple-presenter pitches
  • Navigating the Q&A

Tech Talk

Presentation skills and strategies for tech, science, and medical professionals
Technology presentations – especially hardware and software demos – call for a specialized skillset and story strategy.

Sample Content

Science and healthcare presentations must stay appropriate to their disciplines AND tell a compelling story. Our experience in these arenas can make the difference for you.

  • Technical demos
    • Planning the demo
    • Incorporating story
    • Navigating two-person presentations / demos
  • Biotech / medical presentations
    • Paring information down to what matters
    • Complying with regulatory guidelines
    • How to make visuals interesting and scientifically valid
  • Preparation best practices
  • Format, structure, and story arc
  • Effective technical visuals
  • Strategies for dealing with nerves
  • Finding your voice
  • Physical presence onstage
  • Q&A considerations

Presenting Women

Specialized training for women presenters
Find your full voice, develop your boldest presence, break through barriers, and take confident command of the stage.

Sample Content

  • Special considerations for women presenters
  • Stage presence and energy for women
  • Embodying confidence: Strategies for developing body confidence (and dealing with nervousness)
  • Finding and using your authentic voice (modulation, intonation, pace and more)
  • How to prepare (countdown for success)
  • Smaller group presentations: Handling interruptions
  • Stage style: principles and best practices for hair, makeup and wardrobe

How to Talk to Your Boss

Communication skills and professional presence for support professionals
Administrative assistants and support professionals can enhance value to their teams through targeted communication strategies.

Sample Content

Our two-hour, small group lunch-and-learn program can be customized to your business context. The program can include:

  • How to “be valuable” and what that means
  • Understanding audience
  • Asking good questions
  • Structuring and ordering effective, concise messages (email, in person)
  • Editing for simplicity
  • Professional presence
    • Vocal skills including voice modulation
  • Resources for further development

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